Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Me?

Penelope's said her first official word, and it's a good one for the baby book. Her first word, now, keep in mind it's her first consistent word, but she's not saying for any specific object, okay, ready? Her first word sounds alot like....s-h-i-, I think you can figure out the last letter. It's not something we say in front of her, and we think she's really saying "kiss" or "this" or maybe "sock". Not exactly the word we thought she'd say first - I've been working on "mommy" everyday with her, but it is funny.

I've been telling Penelope she's a mockingbird b/c she's really into repeating noises that we make. We've been trying to capture it on video, but haven't been lucky so far. There's a variety of noises we can make and she'll repeat them pretty well. Yesterday I called out "Cacaw! Cacaw!" and she quickly followed with "ca ca ca ca". Quick learner=).

Munchkin has also officially taken her first steps without holding onto anything. She's not consistent and doesn't do it too often, but she's definitely stepped forward on her own and not fallen. Such a big girl already!

I took this little video of Penelope today while we were walking Moby. She's into looking at herself in the mirror and we had just finished a 15 minute round of sitting in the bathroom sink looking at her. She was ready to get out of the sink, but not to give up the toothbrush, so we brought it along.

The pictures below are also from today - the ones in the yellow and orange onesie. Grandma sent the onesie and it's super cute on her. It's got Curious George on it and the words "Who Me?".

Monday, March 16, 2009

I took this one of Penelope today - 10 months old already! She's such a joy. The video below shows her helping me with laundry and also me trying to get her to copycat some noises she usually does on cue. There was one other video I tried to upload, but it was still "processing" 4 hours later, so I'll have to try again soon. While I was watching the clips to pick which ones to upload, she started copying the noises she heard on the computer - it made me wish I'd had the camera going then. =) Enjoy

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beach Videos

I didn't edit these, so not sure if anything exciting is on them, but anyone with "grand" in their name will appreciate these.