Friday, July 9, 2010

Crate Training

Here's the big 2-yr old before we left for Tejas. We have been in TX since mid-June and are having a really good time with Grandma & PawPaw and Great Granny and her cousins.
When we first arrived, the weather was hot, but really nice compared to the weather we'd been having in Willits before I left. No rain in sight! Yea - what a nice relief since Willits had had more than its share of rain.

The next few shots are of P playing in the front yard with the sprinkler. My mom's latest edition, Coo-Coo, I mean CoCo, played with her as well.

I'm always trying to get a decent shot - it's getting harder and harder as she gets older and more independent. I have about 1200 pics on my memory thingy b/c someone gets a hold of my camera and walks around saying "Okay, smile" while pointing the camera at herself instead of her subject.

And here's the best shot so far. The best babysitter money can buy. You can play on the computer, do dishes, even take a nap and you know your little one is safe.

The best toy $5 can buy. My mom needed a new toy bin for CoCo, but P decided it was better suited for her. It was pretty cute coming upon her and PawPaw in Wal-Mart - him pushing the cart with her sitting inside this tub. She loved it and rode inside it for at least half the trip through the aisles.

What a cutie! And how talented - she took this shot, not that she meant too, but still...