Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video Update

So, summer is officially over and a new school year has begun. It's been a challenging week for us all. My heart is at home with Penelope and she's missing her mommy (more likely the milk Mommy can give her=). I know things will get better, but as the first video will show you below, I'm not sure how.

A little bit of background for this first video. We have a student rally at the very start of our first school day. There's always a teacher skit and usually the newbies are required to partake. Somehow I usually get bullied or guilted to join in. I held out well this year and missed the first 20 minutes of practice b/c I hadn't really committed. This year's skit was a dance to "Thriller". I'm not going to tell you where I am, but I did mess up twice (probably b/c I didn't go to the first bit of practice).

What I said above about not seeing how things can get better was a segway to the awesome dancing technique of the Willits High teachers. I know it will get better with P at home and me at work. We'll both adjust and re-learn to appreciate every second we have together. I have to say, this is much harder this year than it was last year. That first year is quite a challenge and I have to be honest and admit that when school started last year, part of me looked forward to getting a little break from full-time parenting. This year, I just want to be home with her. She's at such a fun stage and every day brings something new with her - a word, a sign, a look, a move, or a sound. She's just so amazing to us.

The videos below are a few clips of hard-t0-capture Penelope moments. As soon as she sees a camera, she's gotta have it, so needless to say, it's beginning to get difficult to take a decent pic of her or capture her cute moments on the video camera. I was going to post some pictures too on this update, but as I already mentioned, she's too savvy to the camera and I don't have any cute ones right now.

This one involves her Magic Carpet ride that Daddy invented with her the other night. Thank goodness, only Daddy can do this. She won't ride with Mommy. There's also some demonstration of her signs at the end.

This is a short clip of what she does when she sees the camera.

Here's her playing peek-a-boo with us.

Hope you enjoyed this quick update of Penelope. We miss everyone and are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas when we'll get to catch up in person. Take care!