Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She moved and stirred beans in water for over 30 minutes the other day. Who knew beans could be that interesting?

Our first Halloween that Penelope dressed up and went trick or treating. She couldn't decide on what outfit she wanted to wear, so she ended up wearing all three. We trick or treated first, then went to the Enchanted Pumpkin Path (they have out treats like apples and honey sticks and wildflower seeds, very cool), then back to Willits and trick or treated some more.

When we got home, she got to choose which 5 treats (the non-candy ones were a given and not included in the 5) she wanted to keep and then the rest went to the Halloween Goblin. The HG left her some fun zoo animal stamps in exchange for the treats (no, the HG hasn't eaten all the treats yet).

this is just a picture of how she chose to dress yesterday. She's "styling".