Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Vacation

We recently spent a couple of weeks visiting friends and family. We started Labor Day Weekend and stayed the weekend at the Delange's in Weaverville. On our way, we made a stop in Red Bluff to visit with the Martin's. Here's a few cute shots of Penelope and Selah.

The Delange's have an amazing little homestead. Lots of room to run and play, and lots of animals to pet - dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horse, alpacas. Penelope had a lot of fun with the girls and animals. I've tried three different uploads of more pictures from the Delange's, but can't get them to download. I'll try to facebook them.

We came home for 2 days, then left again for San Luis Obispo, then Monterrey Bay. P and I made cookies one day. She's a lot like her momma and LOVES cleaning the bowl.

She became quite the 4-wheeler rider at the Delange's. So much that if Matt gets the quad out, she has to get on too.
We spent about 5 days at Aunt Holly's with all the cousins and Mimi. Here are some shots of the kids. Penelope really enjoyed playing with Lily, Oz, and Tali, and misses them. She asks about them and Emma Lou (who gives really good kisses).

We tried to take some belly shots, but they came out blurry. And I couldn't get this one flipped around. We'll try again...
And she's back at it. This time we made a vegan cake. I don't like the vegan stuff b/c of the apple cider vinegar taste that lingers, but P did not mind one bit.

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